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Huna The Secret Path to Power – Yates J. Canipe & Others

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Want “The ULTIMATE EDGE” in everything you do? …

Access YOUR Secret Inner Power that you never knew you had in the


All-New DVD Home Study Course!Now is YOUR Chance to Get Empowered withMind-Blowing Skills and Secrets that the most Luckypeople in the world only dream of!

Warning: You are about to discover the path to Personal Mastery.

Your friends might get jealous. Your wallet might fatten.

You may Radiate Harmonic Power, and Be Happier than you’ve ever been!

Dear Friend,

I don’t want to offend anybody, but I’ve got to be straightforward and say it like it really is, because this blows away everything else!

Have you ever been interested in knowing the secrets of how things really work?

Have you ever wanted to know how to personally transform and have magic-like skills and secrets that you know really exist out there? Well, guess what: they’re right here now and you can get them! If you’ve ever wondered about authentic skills that make life seem magical, skills like NLP, Hypnosis, Silva Mind Control, Seduction, The Law of Attraction, Remote Viewing, Persuasion, Influence, Martial Arts, Mind Mastery, Energy Healing, Yoga, Feng Shui, Manifestation, Magick and Psychic Abilities, you are now about to discover the common thread tying ALL of them TOGETHER! It’s called “Huna” and it’s how to get the very best from all of them!

Look. You can and should master as many personal empowerment skills that interest you and work for you. I know I certainly have, and I’ve gotten amazing results! And this makes it even better. It’s like adding rocket fuel to what you’re already doing well, clears out the confusion and blockages when things aren’t working the way you want, and shows you the secret to actual success!

Listen. If you’re already a success in every area of your life, that’s great. There’s still more for you to learn (as every true master knows) and more breakthroughs are now available to you, some in these DVDs that are being shown to the world for the first time ever.

And if you’ve never had that “Ultimate Breakthrough,” or if you’re just starting out, or if there are areas in your life you want to MAKE STRONG AND PERFECT, these DVDs are the very best place to start. In fact, it MAKES IT EASY FOR YOU TO LEARN, so you really can “do this stuff” and not have to worry about it anymore. Sound good? Absolutely!

So what the heck is HUNA, anway?

Among other things, the word “Huna” means “Secret,” and Hu-Na means the secret for “Manifestation from Spiritual to Physical” It means Empowering YOU by tapping in to your full potential and incrasing your energy and your abilities so you can achieve whatever you desire!

Nothing fluffy, spooky or religious about it.

As Dr. Yates Canipe clearly points out� “Huna is NOT A RELIGION. Huna is NOT A PHILOSOPHY. Huna is NOT A HEALING METHOD like the “televangelist tents” and the Huna Prayer is NOT A PRAYER!”

Remember, perception is projection: a religious person trying to understand Huna will see it as a religion because HE is religious. Those with a background in Philosophy, Therapy or Counseling will tend to think of Huna in their familiar terms. But Huna is NOT about a personality! (write that one down) Yet all personalities can benefit from Huna (if studied properly!)

It’s like spiritual/mental martial arts � use it to kick ass in life, and find personal peace. You become a channel of blessing for your self and those around you are blessed and helped as well.

Listen. There really are people who have these secrets and share them. They’re called Kahuna. “Kahuna” means “keeper of the secret.” They are NOT at your local McDojo, McSeminar, McBookStore, or on McOprah or the McInternet wacko websites.

This stuff is very powerful and not for the masses! But individuals like you are different than the masses, or you wouldn’t be reading this right now. You look outside of the box!

When people discovered that Dr. Yates Canipe and Sarah Eftink were teaching Huna, they started begging for a definitive course! So Dr. Yates invited me to join them for 3 magical days with a live audience getting results and having amazing personal breakthroughs, all caught live on camera so you can discover how to do the same!!! (watch it for your self!)

It will, quite literally, change the way you look at the world, the way you see your self, and put you on the path to Personal Mastery of Mind, Body, Spirit MANIFESTATION that seems like outright Magic!

On these all-new HUNA: THE SECRET PATH TO POWER DVDs, YOU will will discover and learn direct “how-to” skills like

  • 1. Money Manifestation (so you can ABUNDANTLY help your self and help others)
  • 2. Huna Secrets of Self-Healing! Heal your self. Heal your relationships.
  • 3. Creating REAL Miracles in your life! The Real Steps to Light-Switch Success with HUNA!
  • 4. Unstoppable Magnetic Confidence
  • 5. Dynamic and Natural Personal Power: You’ll discover power and confidence, and how to stand up and speak persuasively to anyone, anywhere, anytime, without pretending!
  • 6. How to read the thoughts of others, and give them the thoughts you want them to have
  • 7. How to Easily Locate Weakness in your Mind, Body, or Spirit and MAKE IT STRONG.
  • 8. How to accurately “Energy Test” to make the right decisions and
  • 9. How To Tell if Someone is Lying, and if someone is Trustworthy, and how to get the truth! (what would this be worth to you?)
  • 10. Why So Many Spiritual People are Broke! (and how to not be one of them, yet remain truly spiritual)
  • 11. True KALA Cleansing as never taught before! It simply does not get better, or more effective
  • than these never-before-revealed master methods from the Ancient ones through Dr. Yates!
  • 12. How to attract your soul mate
  • 13. How to Attract Wealth so you have the time to pursue more important things and higher purposes
  • 14. Walk into a room and Attract anyone or anything you want! No more waiting for a table, or for quality companionship!
  • 15. Go through life like a JEDI Knight! Yes, for real.

 and so much more, it would take an entire book just to outline it all here!

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably heard of Scott Bolan (that’s me) Maybe you’ve attended my seminars or studied some of my bestselling breakthrough courses like Martial Mastery, Mental Warfare Secrets, Dynamic Attraction, Warrior Energetics and Secrets of Time Distortion. Sarah Eftink is pure spiritual awesomeness and the co-author of “Quantum Huna.” She uses Huna in her own life to win marathons, write books and courses, assist people in manifesting abundance, healing and relationships. Sarah is one of the most magical, enjoyable and dynamic Huna teachers you’ll find anywhere. She’s as real as it gets, and teaches in such a positive and powerful way that you’ll learn easily, and be able to do it for your self. You’ll absolutely love it!

Dr. Yates Canipe is the man who single-handedly began the modern men’s self-help movement and also brought that legendary Ross guy to the world! Yep, Yates is the guy! He’s respected worldwide as a true master of the mind, and he continues to pioneer excellence and advanced breakthroughs in NLP, Ericksonian Hypnosis, Huna and Kala Cleansing.

We’ve all worked together closely for many years, and you will find Sarah, Yates and myself to be one of the most powerful combinations of personal success coaches you could ever have in one place. YOU GET this amazing live teachings and personal transformation secrets on the “HUNA: THE SECRET PATH TO POWER” Home Study DVDs! It’s like having all 3 of us in your living room to study in the privacy and comfort of your own home. There’s plenty of question-and-answer and live demonstration that makes it easy and fun to learn!

Listen. Some people think things like this seem crazy. They’re called “doubters.” They struggle and lead lives of frustration, confusion, and quiet desperation. If you want to make the leap from “doubter” to “Doer” (one who actually does the things he really wants in life) The Huna Secret Path to Power is FOR YOU.

“Doers” live on the edge. If you are not living on the edge, then you are a “doubter” and you’re just taking up space! Yep. It may sound harsh, but it’s true. If you really want success, you must go beyond your previous limits. That means living on the edge of vitality, instead of the “mediocre middle.” Otherwise, you’re just taking up space and allowing more negativity, darkness, confusion and chaos into the world. How about living THIS way instead…. how about ALLOWING YOURSELF to discover The Edge to Transformation: The Secret Path to Power? Sound good? Then Get Your “Huna: The Secret Path to Power” DVD home study course right now! Normally we’d price this 7-DVD course at 495.00, but it’s brand-spanking-new material hot of the presses and we want your feedback! So for 30 days only (until November 10th) we’re going to let you have it at an introductory offer of just 295.00 That’s a 200.00 savings!! All we ask in return is that you give us your feedback and tell all your friends how much you love it, and where to get it! Fair enough? And, you also get an audio mp3 disc so you can listen and learn on your iPod. Study and get empowered at your own comfort and convenience!

And wait, there’s more! The first 20 people to order get these amazing 3 Free Bonuses!

1. My 3 Power-Manuals:

  • 8 Steps to Light-Switch Success and the Truth about Fear!
  • The Enlightened Warrior: Ninja Secrets for the Modern Man
  • Spiritual Transformation for Energy, Abundance, and Unshakable Peace and Confidence (never released before, my most powerful teaching EVER!)

2. Dr. Yates J. Canipe “Changing Limiting Beliefs” DVD sampler (recorded live in London)

3. Free Huna books from Straightforward & Dr. Yates J. Canipe. These are only available for the first 20 people who order now. They will get snapped up quickly, so Hurry up! We’re so totally convinced you will absolutely LOVE this material, we’re offering a no-hassle 30-day money-back guarantee. Is that fair enough?

We’ve made this introductory offer so affordable for even the most budget-conscious person. $295.00 for all 7 DVDs of some of the most powerful training and skills you’ll ever receive.

Yours on the Path,

Scott Bolan

PS. Here’s some feedback from a few of the folks who were there (you’ll see them live!):

“Most people wake up everyday with their minds running on auto pilot.

When asked my opinion about the Huna Workshop, I too found myself running on auto pilot and was going to say. “It was great!”

But I found myself wanting to say more, but I couldn’t at the time.

Two days later, I have been giving a lot of deep thought on what I learned, but more importantly, what will I apply today, next week, next year..etc..

Other may say other things, but I learned how to focus much better. Focus on what I want. Focus on what motivates me. Focus on what stops me.. Focus on Solutions, not problems. Focus on How to Fix emotional or mental blocks with some New, never seen before Huna techniques. Focus on How to Stay Focused.

Dr Yates Canipe provided a wonderous environment with lake views, green pastures and instead of Guard Dogs, he has special Guard Lamas, always on the watch.

Like Yoda, his wisdom seeps into every word and every action.

Deep Relaxing Hypnotic trances, helped us to get a glimpse into how our limiting beliefs are driving the bus, over the cliff, in many cases….so we can wake up and turn our lives into a new direction of unlimited potential and possibilities of focus.

When Sarah Eftink took the stage, I was astonished to find, she too carried the same confidence, as the other World Class trainers there. She had lots of experience with new discoveries in Huna, and she had lots to share about her unique exploration into the hidden realms of the Hawaiian history, language and culture. I could not believe this has been her first public appearance teaching her discoveries for the very first time. It was an honor to be there.

I met Scott Bolan before, but I did not realize the depth of his heart and curiosity to learn the best and teach the best lessons from all walks of life. From Japanese warrior and philosophers to modern day Mind training gurus, he shared his very unique outlook on life and how we can tap into that same source of innate wisdom that we all carry, with several mind-body-breathe drills that really helped focus my mind like a red hot laser beam of passionate desire cutting through the butter of my laziness and misconceptions. But what amazed me, the most, was his curiosity about life. Inside and out of the training, he was constantly asking questions, making soulful observations and being of invaluable service to whoever had the courage to ask for his help.

Overall, the three different styles of trainings, really was amazing. Yates worked on the Mind- Unconscious Mind connection, Scott worked on the Mind-Body connection…and Sarah worked on the Speech-Higher Self Connections.

I almost forgot to Thank all of the other students, whom I learned from as well. At the time, a couple of students, had unique mental blocks, that seemed foreign to me. But when I got back home, I discovered I too had varying degrees of the same issues.. It was like the universe…or God…went through a Big Bang explosion and scattered himself and us across the cosmos…but I found a bit of myself and my own old, new and hidden strengths and weaknesses discovered in other students. We all learned that we are all way or another.

So, If you were to calibrate yourself, can you determine when or how often you go into auto pilot and zone out…or when you are totally present in the moment, ready to seize new and wonderous opportunities right in the here and now 🙂 oh by the way…Great Job!!


“I had the opportunity to attend the “Huna: The Secret Path To Power Workshop”

with Dr Yates J Canipe, Sarah Eftink and Scott Bolan on May 13-15.

The workshop was interesting to say the least. I learnt a lot about Huna and

breathing, energy, awareness and healing rituals. It was interesting to note

some of the similarities between Huna and Yogic breathing.

It’s always great to hear and learn from Dr Yates. There is always so much to

understand and learn about how the mind works and Dr Yates was in his elements as usual.

Sarah shared with us the secrets of Hawaiian Huna and higher mind connections and encouraged us to explore the techniques for body and mind healing.

Scott had great positive energy and helped all of the attendees in focusing their mind and energies on manifesting personal success in their lives.

The venue of the workshop at Dr Yates’ private facility had a totally different and personal feel from the ho-hum hotel workshops. It was a pleasant environment to relax and learn amongst friends.

A big Thank you to Dr Yates, Sarah and Scott as well as all of the attendees for providing a supportive environment for higher learning.



“Hi Yates,1 I had a great time at the Huna workshop. I learned many valuable things that I have already put into practice like the memories in the body, life path, etc. I have also been doing the HA breathing even more then the recommended 2 times a day because it is a great way to stay focused.

2 To me Yates is a great mentor, Sarah is a dear friend that I have known but I had never met until the workshop, and Scott is my brother at arms a great and wise warrior. I greatly enjoyed seeing Scott do change work, I also enjoyed Sarah sharing from her heart about practical ways to use Huna and as for Yates very funny and very wise kind of reminds me of master Yoda…..

and as for the p.s. I am most definitely ready.



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