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Dan Kennedy – How to Find Your Ideal Customer


Otherwise you’ll be forever attracting “minnows” to your business that:

  • Are tire-kickers and “looky loos” who’ll keep their wallet in their pockets
  • Are high maintenance and “pain-in-the-butt” customers, clients and patients
  • Will always question your treatment plans and prescriptions
  • Will haggle on prices and get you to make compromises



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Dan Kennedy - How to Find Your Ideal CustomerDan Kennedy – How to Find Your Ideal Customer

Welcome to Productize.

My goal for this course is to show you a path that you can take to transition into a productized service business. A productized service can take on many different forms, as you’ll learn.

There are lots of ways you can apply these methods to find your unique value-added service model. The course is broken into three main sections:

Create – Here we’re starting at the high-level, working “on” our business, not “in” our business, and creating our value proposition.

Automate – This section is all about systematizing and scaling our operation. It goes in depth into hiring and delegating to a team, but you’ll also learn about how to treamline your work, even if you want to work solo.

Market – This section will show you how you can take a proactive approach to getting customers and growing your business, using tried and true marketing strategy.

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I recommend that you go through all of lessons in order first. You have them in video, audio, and text versions, so whichever way you feel most comfortable. Then later, refer back to these lessons in whichever order makes sense at the time. It will take several months to a year to implement everything, so you can always revisit the lessons when they’re most relevant for where you’re at. Join us in the community forum.

That’s where you can join your fellow students and me to discuss the lessons, ask questions, and share your progress with the group. Of course, you can email me any questions or feedback anytime at [email protected].

Let’s get started!

You’re Getting a Promotion!

When you’re working on your own as a freelancer, it can often feel like you’re constantly spinning your wheels, consumed in the “busy” work of serving your clients. It feels impossible to escape that treadmill when there are always deadlines looming, emails to respond to, and fires to put out.

Lots of freelancers are able to make a comfortable living working project-to-project and billing by the hour. But for many of us, we can only stay comfortable in this situation for a couple of years. At some point, you want to level up. You want to do more. You want to earn a higher income.

You want more freedom to spend more time with our family. You want to take on bigger challenges and shoulder more responsibility. If we were working in a corporate job, we’d call this a promotion. Work hard enough and impress your boss, and hopefully you’ll get promoted to the corner office, with a higher salary and more responsibility.

But you’re on our own. So how do you, a self-employed professional, level up? Well, you’ll have to give yourself a promotion. You’re going to give yourself a new title. You’re no longer a Freelancer. You’re being promoted to Business Owner…

Dan Kennedy – How to Find Your Ideal Customer [1 DVD (mp4), 2 CD (mp3), 2 DOC (pdf)]

Now’s The Time To Throw Back The “Minnows” In Your Business And Start Attracting The Whales: “Who Else Wants To ‘Upgrade Their Clientele’ And Find Their IDEAL Customers, Clients And Patients Who Are Worth 5x-50X More Than Your Average Customer—AND Are Easy To Deal With?”

Finally, Dan Kennedy Reveals His Secret Formula For Attracting “High-Roller” Customers, Clients Or Patients. This Is How GKIC Attracts Customers That Have Spent $100,000+ With Us!

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Lifetime support – Download unlimited when you buy Dan Kennedy – How to Find Your Ideal Customer Course at CourseAvai. The market leader in online learning – Offers a variety of diverse topics: Internet Marketing, Forex & Trading, NLP & Hypnosis, SEO – Traffic, …

Dear Renegade Marketer,

If you’re looking to “upgrade your clientele” and start attracting customers, clients or patients who are worth 5x to 50x your typical customer, then this message will cut to the chase and give you the answers you’re looking for. For the first time EVER, I’m revealing the confidential “secret formula” I implemented for clients for finding their target customer and getting them to pay them multiple times their typical customer.

This is the stuff GKIC uses to find “whales” that have spent up to $100,000 with us. And we’re not just talking about the “typical” ways of identifying a target customer that everybody else and their dog uses—like age, sex, and income.

That’s only part of the equation.

We’re talking about finding “hyper-buyers”…the top 1%…that could easily make up for the 99% of your normal customers in revenue.  And we’re also talking about attracting the type of customer, client or patient you want to deal with on a regular basis. Now the term “whale” comes from Vegas. It comes from the gambling industry.  A whale is basically a high roller that bets big, plays big and sometimes wins big. They are the casino’s ideal customer

Now here’s a taste of what you’ll discover in this astonishing system so you can discover yours:

  • 3 ways to attract your ideal customer. Best part: one on these strategies doesn’t require you to spend $10,000 for a mailing list and $100,000 for a mailing campaign. I’ve extracted hundreds of thousands of dollars from lists as small as 77 prospects. You can implement this strategy as soon as tomorrow.
  • How a leadership trainer attracted 16 CEOS in his target market so he didn’t have to travel all over the country. Nope, he didn’t send them a 3-step letter campaign; he implemented this one simple “trick” to get in the door with these high-powered CEOs. This is “whale hunting” at its best!
  • How to target “whales” without them knowing it and have them slowly mature as customers…so you can eventually “warm them up” for your offers. This sure beats going to them directly with a pitch—like most people will do.
  • The 3 Wealth Magnets that’ll allow you to attract more high-paying customers into your business. Miss out on just one of these magnets could damage your chances of making these principles work for you.
  • How to attract “whales” that are worth 5x to 50x times your average customer. Imagine waking up in the morning and working with your “slam-dunk” customers you LOVE working with—and don’t have to pull teeth to get them to take action and implement.
  • How NOT to fall into the trap of working with “anybody you can get.” This is what most businesses do; therefore, they FAIL to determine how to weight their resources and their time and energy into developing these buyers into long-term customers.
  • The secret to determine the “whale markers” for your business. If you’re a financial advisor, it could be investable assets. And for an unusual, exotic, speculative investment marketer, it’s a thoroughbred racehorse owner. By the time you finish this course, you’ll be able to determine who your “whale markers” are for your industry.

Skeptical? Here Are Three Powerful Reasons. You Should Believe What I Say:

Reason one: I am not directly involved in your business. I have 40 years’ worth of case studies and testimonials from clients who credit me for their largest business breakthroughs.

You see, clients pay me $19,000 for a single consultation day with me and I was paid more than $2.5 million dollars in fees and royalties for marketing and assistance in 2014. A bulk of my work involves identifying a client’s ideal customer.

Once we know whom we’re targeting and where to find them, we can use uncommon marketing strategies to reach them. I mean think about it:  why mess around with the “minnows” when you can attract the whales.

Why not attract 100 customers who can pay $10,000 and make you a millionaire…vs. attracting 1 million customers who will pay you $1 dollar? It’s easier to attract the 100 “whale” customers.  But you have to know what you’re doing.   And if you use the right system for getting to them.

Otherwise you’ll be forever attracting “minnows” to your business that:

  • Are tire-kickers and “looky loos” who’ll keep their wallet in their pockets
  • Are high maintenance and “pain-in-the-butt” customers, clients and patients
  • Will always question your treatment plans and prescriptions
  • Will haggle on prices and get you to make compromises

Imagine waking up in the morning looking forward to going to work—knowing you’re working with your ideal customers, clients and patients that “get” you and will pay you handsomely for your expertise. And think about how easy your daily routine will be when you’re working with cool people…not “duds” that’ll make your business life a living hell.

That’s what I do for clients on a daily basis. And the fact that I’m not directly involved in your business should be good news to you—as you’re bound to get many paradigm shifts and “a-ha” moments you can apply to your business.

Maybe you’ll identify 5-6 “ideal customers” in your business you can market to simultaneously—this creating 5-6 income streams under your core business that could make you rich, relaxed and happy? have never “connected the dots” like this before in my 40-year career, and even old timers who were at this seminar had dropped jaws when they listened to every case study, example, and RULE for identifying and targeting your ideal customer, client or patient.

Reason two: I put my money where my mouth is with a 100% money-back no risk double guarantee.    I’ve been doing this for 40 years and have never offered anything without a guarantee.   You either get results and make back 10X-100X your investment or you don’t pay. Pure and simple. More on the guarantee in a second.

Reason three: My marketing systems are backed up by some of the biggest thought leaders in many industries and fields.

And my private clients pay me upwards of $28,000 a year just for 20-minute phone sessions in 10-12 months, upwards from $2500 for consulting, upwards from $100,000 for project work, and over 85% repeatedly return or stay for ongoing relationships for 3,5,7,10+ years.

A good chunk of this client work and consulting is centered on finding their ideal customer, client or patient.  Because, without this important piece, we’re just “guessing” and throwing money down the toilet.

You’ll get a huge representation of this million-dollar advice when you take action today and invest in.


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